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Currently there are 8 field types for your mobile form. This includes; TEXT, NUMERICAL, DATE, DROPDOWN, SIGNATURE, INCREMENT COUNTER and CHECKBOX

Very easily? Simply download the Android app, or navigate to the mobile responsive webpage on your device, log in, and you’ll be able to see a dropdown of forms you have access to. These are available as soon as your form is created and saved!

Your data is stored on the cloud with Amazon AWS. You can view, search and edit this data through your dashboard after logging into your account

Yes. The Admin for the account (User who signed up) can set user access and can device which users can edit/delete data and and create or edit projects. In the dashboard click on ‘Users’ in the top menu bar

In your project ensure you have a  “Lookup Data” field added to the form. Once saving your form, on the next scren you will have the opportunity to upload this reference data for each barcode. 

In your dashboard click on “Data Captured” next to the project you wish to view the data for

These allow you to lock and unlock fields. For example, if you’re scanning product into a warehouse location and you have to scan 10 items into the same location, you don’t want to have to scan or enter the location 10 times. So you can enter it once then ‘lock’ the field. Once you save that entry this field will not reset with the others, so will already be populated with the existing data. Padlocks can be hidden in the app settings.

Yes. In your Dashboard click “CONNECT” in the top menu. Here you can connect to your Google Sheets Account and link your spreadsheets to your projects

Yes you can! If multiple line items are found after scanning a barcode, a popup will advise how many were found. You can then cycle through the look-ups one by one. This is common if you are using a form to pick line items on an order

Yes, you can do this on the ENTERPRISE Plan. The management of which users can access certain projects can be set in the USERS dashboard. All NEW  users added, do not have access to any existing projects. Therefore this will need to be set after adding a new user. However, when a NEW Project is created, all existing users will automatically have access to the new Project, therefore you can remove access by user as required.