Form Design & Field Types

In the ScanTracked Form Designer, you can build your form using different field types. Below is an explanation of the different field types you can use and some ideas for when you would use them.

build data capture form

Use this when you want to capture normal text responses (e.g. either alpha characters or alpha and numeric characters)

Use this when you want to capture only Numeric characters (Numbers only). Users will only be able to enter numbers here such as 'quantities'. Often used for Stocktaking for entering quantities on hand

Use this when you want a drop down list of possible responses. When you add this to your form, you can then add your list of drop-down options the user will be shown.

Use this when you want to look-up and show the user your reference data. When you add this field, you'll be given the chance to upload your 'lookup data'. Examples of when you would use this include pulling a product name or color after scanning the barcode.

Use this when you want to be able to either select or not select a checkbox. Often uses in a YES/NO question or when asking the user to verify they have completed a certain action

Use this when you want to capture a date. This creates a popup of a calendar in which the user can select the date. This could be used to capture a products expiry date, or a scheduled appointment date. When records are saved, they are already date stamped, so you do not require a date for when the record was saved.

Use this when you wish to capture the signature of a user. For example, this could be the signature of the user of the app to sign off on the record or the signature of a customer after delivery of a package

Use this when you want to increment and count the number of scans in this field. For example if you add this field to your form and scan a barcode once, it will populate a "1". If you scan that barcode again it will change it to "2" and so on. Often used when creating Stocktaking forms

barcode matcher scan

Use this when you want Alert the user to a MATCH or MISMATCH. The field is a text input field and you can select which other field (or the barcode field) you want to check for a match against.

scan barcodes and count or sum

Use this when you require a count of the number of occurrences of a particular

barcode in the database. For example to show how many times a person has been scanned into a location or how many times a vehicle has visited your business