ScanTracked- Build Data Capture and Lookup App

Barcode Scanning Workflow Management

Design and deploy your form and you'll be ready to start capturing and looking up data within minutes of signing up

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Design your Fields

Use our very easy to use form designer to add fields to your Project. Fields include; Text, Numerical, Lookup Data, Date Picker, Drop-down Boxes, Signature (sign on glass) and more.

How it works

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1. Design your Form

Start your Project by using our Form Builder to add your fields types, decide on the order and name each field (including drop down options)

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2. Import Lookup Data

For forms you require to show data upon scanning a barcode, upload your lookup/reference data to attach it to our project

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3. Deploy to Mobile

As soon as a form is saved it is available use through either the Android mobile app or through the mobile web address.

Cloud Platform

Real-time Data

Your projects, data captured and reference data, are all stored in the cloud for real-time access and updates. As soon as you design your project, it is available on the Mobile app to begin capturing data

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Deploy in the Field

Whether you're scanning barcodes in the Warehouse, On your Transport Route, Shop or Anywhere Else, your users will have real-time access to your forms and will be able to capture, and lookup, data as they go on your Mobile Device

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Data Analysis

View, Sort and Export

When you start collecting your data, you can view, sort, search, edit and export it right from your dashboard. Whether it be text fields, numbers, signatures, dates or any other field you are capture, all data is available in real-time, as they're captured. You can also connect your data and export it in real-time to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

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